Friday, March 20, 2009

The Mystery, It May Be Solved:

A few days ago, I was telling Alex that I'd noticed a HUGE uptick on my flickr stats (where you can see which of your pictures are being viewed or learn what search words/phrases brought people to your photos). Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed it the day it happened (March 6th) but about 6 days later and so I can't see the particulars of WHY I got such a massive amount of views - 591! In one day! I get, on average, two to three hundred views a week and only when I'm consistently adding content. The periods I sit dormant, my daily viewership drops to 50 or less.

The lightbulb has gone off though, and I think I may have solved the mystery . . .

That rather crappy picture may be what caused the rush of traffic over to my flickr pages. As you can read, I made mention of The Yarn Harlot, Greg Kinnear and a little verb to describe the "style" of photography I was aiming for.

None of that was worth noticing though, until the other day when Greg Kinnear was on the Graham Norton Show talking with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, The Yarn Harlot, about Kinnear kinnearing himself.

It's pretty damn funny!

I think a whole bunch of Brits in the studio audience went home and photo-googled "Yarn Harlot Kinnear" and found themselves looking at my husband handing in an American voting ballot, lol.


Giggly said...

That's really funny!

Anonymous said...

I was one of your hits on Flickr that day!!

I saw that the Yarn Harlot had gone "viral"; the term "kinnearing" is now in the Urban Dictionary, had been mentioned on Conan O'brien, and was in the New York Times. I searched the term in Flickr and came up with several of your photos....I said to myself "Hey! I know her!"