Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm Exhausted From The Explaining - In A Good Way:

The other day, my friend Alex took a picture of one of my cats. Blue is universally loved because of her crossed eyes and her goofy real-life cartoon-y features.

Enter flickr, and the world of outside perception. marakaramazov took a gander at Alex's picture and thought that Blue was taxidermied. No, really.

After Mara expressed her concerns, I did everything to assuage her worry, even linking to my real life pictures of Blue recently.

She loved a few of them, but others had her questioning my motives.

This one, she wrote "Sorry, but the cat look strange".

Yes, the cat looks funny, but so does my husband too! That's the point of the shot!

It has been really fascinating to communicate in two different languages (my English and her Spanish, but really my limited Spanish and her not-so-bad English).

That she cares so much about animals and their welfare means we share a universal language and I hope we can always communicate together.

I'd like to explain to her that Blue is not only very much alive, but shares a home with five other cats and a dog because we love animals, just like she does!

Is a cross-eyed cat a rarity in Latin-American countries? Heck, is a cross-eyed (bizco) cat a rarity in America?

While I'm exhausted from the research, I absolutely love the exchange!

If you were in my shoes, what else would you convey?


Marakaramazov said...

hahaah... ok i understand... you are very kind... What is your name, sorry i dont know
nice to meet you.. i m Tamara from Ecuador, and i love felinos, mininos, cats... i have one big cat is she..very sensitive.. and she have 4 babys, really are sweet when play beteewn uus!!

and hey my english is terrible... sorry.... i have blog too but in spanish:(
Blue es adorable, is my wrong think si taxiderm, but look so inespressive in this pic... but really i believe in you, and yes Blue is very msitic....


CJ said...

Hillarious!! Blue does look freaky in that picture.

So, do you know that much spanish, or does flickr have some kind of translator option I don't know about??

Giggly said...

Too Cute.

Marakaramazov said...


Flickr no have translator,i think so... yes she know much spansih :)

KnittingBlueContent said...

I do know a fair bit of Spanish, just not formal stuff like how to communicate in full sentences, all proper-like.

Just individual words strung together in horrible sequence . . . but I did use a translator site on the internet for "bizco", lol.